Hello Everybody,

Today I want to talk with you about the electric confetti cannons.
These machines are used in small and medium-large environments both indoors and outdoors, often used in TV shows.
This model of cannon is divided into three parts, the head where we find the hole for the loading of the confetti, the engine and the rotating support for the management of the machine.
Let’s see the technical specifications:
The head: techno confetti MFX Head, on the upper part we find the input for the confetti tube that is used to load the confetti, at the base of the head we find the engine with an axial propeller, the engine varies according to the model, we start from 1000W to 2000W and is placed on the rotating base with the possibility of rotation in a horizontal direction.
All controls are close to each other, really easy to reach and allow full control of the main functions (fan ignition, pump, suction unit etc…)

This machine is called MFX (multi functional) because it has the possibility to change the head:
Using the techno Foam MFX Head, becomes a foam machine
Using the techno Snow MFX Head, becomes a snow machine

– Can I use this cannon for events in private homes?
This type of machine can be used in residential buildings, we must always assume that we start from an absorption of 1000W to 2000W.

– For how long can you shoot confetti?
It has no time limit, being an electric machine, the only limit is the availability of confetti.

– Which confetti can I use?
I recommend using professional confetti to learn more about confetti and straps watch the following video
In the next article I’ll talk about the various types of confetti shooter cannons on the market.

For today it’s all see you in the next article.

  Denyse Stefanelli – Export Manager

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