Rainbow Confetti X 4 DMX

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Devices for throwing confetti and / or streamers using disposable tubes with compressed air propulsive charge.
All models allow the inclination to be adjusted and have a launch consent (with low voltage electric pulse) remotely controlled with DMX protocol for stunning synchronized effects.


Quick and easy installation and connections without the use of tools. Finishing in steel with painting fixed to the scratch-proof oven.


For optimal operation, for the safety of users and the certainty of the desired effect, we recommend the use of only guaranteed and certified products in Italy such as our «Coriandoli Pro tube» series (pre-filled cannoncini with different shades of color, or empty to fill to your liking). Confetti is fireproof, slow-falling and does not discolor. Launch over 15/18 mt with actual internal quantity higher than the standard.


Power AC 240V 50-60 Hz (110V on request)
Consumption: 100W
Control: DMX 512 4 channels
Shooting Distance: from 6 to 15 mt
Fluid Consumption: 10Lt / min

Label: Maquinas Shoot Confetti

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