What’s the difference between confetti and straps?

What kind of confetti should I use?

Hello everybody, today I will tell you about the difference between commercial confetti and professional confetti, we will evaluate and compare strengths and weaknesses.

You know what confetti is?

Confetti are usually thrown at celebrations, especially parades and weddings, they are small pieces or streamers of paper, mylar or metallic material

Curiosities about the word “confetti”

The Italian word for paper confetti is “coriandoli” but in the various languages is known as confetti. The word confetti originated in Italy in the Renaissance, from the Latin confectum, with confetti the plural of Italian confetto, they are small sweet, almonds with a hard sugar coating, are given out at weddings, baptisms and other special occasions.

Do you know how many types of confetti there are?

There are two types of confetti:

           Commercial confetti: usually used in family celebrations or during carnival

     Professional confetti: used during major events such as weddings, television shows and championships

They often ask me the difference between commercial confetti and professional confetti…

The difference is nothing short of exorbitant, to make you understand better I tell you an event happened during a wedding, at the time of the cutting of the cake have been launched confetti of questionable origin, the effect was cute, but the end result was devastating, there were confetti everywhere, on the ground, in the pool on clothes, on the cake, but the most serious problem was that the confetti in contact with the humidity and the water have begun to release the color staining the furniture, the marble and the clothes (I cannot tell you how the bride’s dress had become) the confetti fell in the pool not only changed the color of the water but they clogged the filters, in a few words for a shot cost a few euros were caused damages of several thousand euros, catering has also suffered damage to the roofs of the gazebo no longer white but now only useful for carnival.

Professional confetti, unlike commercial confetti, have valuable technical characteristics.

For example, the cellulose used has a low environmental impact because, recycled and biodegradable to 99% and fundamental thing are fireproof and do not discolour.

For TV shows, what kind of confetti are used?

If you’re sitting in the chair watching a TV talk show, what you see is a very bright and colorful TV studios, but you don’t see any headlights, behind the Backstage, thousands of motorized headlights are hide and as scenography are used hundreds of ledwalls.

Despite the use of LED technology these environments release so much heat, for this reason they use professional confetti, the METALLIZED STRAPS thanks to their pigmentation are able to achieve a slow drops, do not fade because they are metallized and basically are flameproof.

You can find confetti of various shapes and types, those that are often used for professional events are called STARPS, are rectangular in shape and measure about 55x25mm, you can find different colors are divided into two types of material:

Straps of paper  (slow fall confetti)

Metallic straps or metal straps often used in environments with reflective lights



A material is defined as fireproof if it is not flammable or if it possesses characteristics thanks to which it is much reduced or much delayed its combustion.

A material can be:
Completely fire-retardant: that is completely incombustibile (for example rocks): in this case it is defined as a reaction class to fire A1”
Partially flame retardant: in this case it is defined as reaction class to fire A2, B, C, D, F; the increase in class corresponds to a greater ease in the development of combustion.

Many particularly flammable materials can be subjected to fireproofing, which reduces their reaction class to fire.
The use of fire retardants such as the BFR greatly reduces the risk of fires occurring, or increases the propagation time.


If you need confetti for a family party you can buy the cheap (Commercial) ones, always paying attention to heat sources, if you need it for important events I recommend you to buy professional confetti sold by reliable suppliers.

I want to greet you with a quote:

“I take handfuls of words and throw them in the air, they look like confetti, but in the end they go in place like the tiles of a mosaic. “

Renato Rascel Italian singer and actor 1912 – 1991

Thank you so much for your attention, write me if you want me to talk about anything specific.

Your favorite Export Manager

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