T-Shirt Launchers

Revolver Matic


T-CONCERT Bazooka shoots t-shirts & gadgets

Surely among the most requested machinery in promotional events, concerts and shows is the Bazooka Spara Gadget.
A handy device to hold and load that allows you to launch different types of gadgets from the stage towards the stalls without displeasing anyone.
FEATURES Easy to use and quick refill, it can launch gadgets and up to 2 t-shirts at the same time. Launch distance over 20 mt.
OPERATION With disposable compressed air cans. Available with electric or manual function.
ALUMINUM FINISH the structure is ennobled by the finish that forms a single body between the metal, bottom and epoxy paint fixed to the oven, making it in fact indestructible and “scratch-resistant” in the recognizable original color tone Starlights.

T-STADIUM Bazooka shoots t-shirts & gadgets

The T-Concert evolution is certainly the T-Stadium.
In fact, in addition to the spectacular nature of the action (pointing, maximizing attention towards the actor, detonation and waiting for the public for the free prize on the way), there is also the actual usefulness of the machine that allows launching at a considerable distance (on average around 30 meters), it guarantees up to 15 consecutive launches without a break.

REVOLVER Shoot repeating t-shirts

Exclusive machine designed for those who want to look out onto new markets without facing big investments.
The device is able to launch non-stop t-shirts in medium-sized events. Manual rotation is facilitated by a convenient gear system.
Operation with a small cylinder, lightness, maneuverability, the small footprint of both transport and transport (reclosable and with extractable stabilizing bars) make this machine the best selling.

REVOLVER MATIC Shoot automatic shirts

A revolution in the systems market shoots t-shirts. The only machine manufactured on an industrial level capable of launching multiple repeating t-shirts.
Designed for large events and for use in the stadium, it is able to launch over 30 meters t-shirts and gadgets without reloading and without pauses!
Wireless technology
You will be free to place it anywhere (even in the middle of a sports field) and its automatic functions will be guaranteed by a powerful rechargeable battery.

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