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G-Screen Smoke Tent
Low Fog Freezing Machine 2.0 Dmx WiFi
Low Fog H2O
Vortex Cannon

Ours is not a wide range, our production is reasonably limited to a few types of machinery for the production of low smoke because, it seemed useless to propose other models that could never do better than we had already produced.
In the range of products of Starlights, dedicated to special effects, among the articles for low smoke, you can find the two models, Low Fog Freezing Machine 2.0 Dmx WiFi and Low Fog H2O, extremely different, but which have a fundamental characteristic in common, ie the fact of being both built in Italy.


The set-up is in aluminum with scratch-resistant paint and has been designed for large rooms, guaranteeing coverage of over 450 square meters.
Extremely easy to handle, it can be easily moved thanks to its low weight, self-braking castors and 4 comfortable handles.
It has convenient on-board controls and remote management with a smartphone or tablet.


This machine comes in a stainless steel and wood case with scratch resistant coating and is a low water smoke machine with which you can get an excellent low smoke effect without the use of CO2 cylinders and refrigeration systems.
With 5 minutes of preheating, it is able to deliver “low smoke” without pause, thanks also to the automatic water filling system that ensures the no-stop effect.

Two low smoke machines designed for different needs up to the smallest details, in design and in their operation, to guarantee efficiency and quality over time.

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