Holi Party

Techno Bomber Standard
Techno Bomber WiFi DMX
Smart Painter

It is the most colorful and addictive party in the summer where the public turns into a tribe dressed in all the colors of the rainbow. Originally from the east today it has become a cult to throw colored powders at the speaker’s command. The use of certified products with a safe origin remain the fundamental condition for safely carrying out the event. The adoption of propulsion launch systems like our “bomber” contributes to “spectacularize” the party by adding a magical alchemy and a uniqueness to the show. Our “holi powder” are characterized by brightly fluorescent UV colors and are available in different size from the  single-dose sachets till the 10kg bags. By adding the UV colored paint, the party becomes emotional. The bazooka “Paint Shooter” is able to shoot a continuous jet of paint up to 30 meters.

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