Low Fog Water Machine

This model represents a real revolution in the production of low smoke effect. It is very efficient and the effect is obtained with the vaporization of only water accompanied by the consumption of a very little amount of low smoke fluid. This makes the whole process ecological and among the more suitable for internal use.
It is supplied, directly in flight cases on wheels optimizing the transport and the manageable for the rental users!

Stainless steel and wood case with anti-scratch coating,  fast
opening /closing, resistant and durable.
Non-stop smoke flows
: The automatic water filling system ensures the non-stop effect.
It has a pump protection system that ensures durability and limits technical assistance interventions.
LCD controller, remote control and DMX512 signal control.


Heat up time: 5minutes
Water consume: 280ML/minute
Low fog liquid consume: 23ML/minute
Smoke output:150square meter per minute
Fog Liquid tank capacity: 2L
Water capacity in machine: 10L
Power: 2800W
Machine Weight: 58KG
Machine size: 70x46x58.8cm

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