CO2 Pistol 3.0


At festivals and clubs around the world today , the DJ are usually venerated by organizers and fans as a true celebrity and he is appreciate almost as much as the stage scenography, show and music offered .
Such awareness is also expressed by the dj superstar who , besides taking care of the playlist ( with the help of intelligent storage software systems that also allow you to avoid the repetition of the same sequence or track in the same room etc … ) and training in technical performance , are increasingly looking for sophisticated systems of ” spectacle ” of their show and interaction with the public.

The interconnection between artist/public and music only is not longer sufficient to create empathy. Then comes the visual communication (which generates a new professional role ) and the increasing use of special effects .

CO2 Pistol is among the most versatile equippement for direct usage from DJS but also for the animation team.

Tra le attrezzature più versativi per l’utilizzo diretto da parte del dj ma anche del team di animazione, un posto particolare è riservato al CO2 PISTOL.


The appareance and the ergonomics are like a real gun while the effect although is not lethal, is actually “devastating” within 4 mt. A blast of icy air will be pushed to an incredible propulsion Generated only by the press of a trigger lever. The dual-chamber processing ( our prerogative ) increases your safety and allows you to hold both the handle and the barrel , always efficient, by eliminating the risk of ice formation on the outside.


The strong galvanized steel structure is ennobled by the finish that form a single body between metal, bottom and baked epoxy coating, makes it indestructible and “unsearchable”.


No batteries or electrical connections required because operation is mechanical . It is powered directly from the CO2 cylinder which it is connected through special high pressure pipes ( sold by the meter )

Function:with 6 kg Co2 tank
Shooting Distance:over 4 mt
Consumption:0,5kg Co2/sec

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