Compressed air confetti shooter cannons, how and where to use them.

Hello folk! Today we will talk about the Compressed air confetti shooter cannons.On the market we find different types of cannonss, each with important technical specifications: size, gunpower, type of confetti that can shoot, control for the ignition and shutdown of the machine. I will show you the merits and faults of every single machine.

What does it need to work?

It needs a compressor (also a commercial one will work) and a 220V power line.

How do you use it?

First you connect the tube of the air compressor to the Cannon, once the compressor is turned on, on the cannon there’s a pressur gauge, the charging time takes about 1-2 minutes. To activate the cannon, some commercial models use the remote control or On/Off  switch, professional models use the DMX or WiFi signal.
Connect the power cord and press the power button, the solenoid valve will open and the machine will start immediately.


What absorption does the machine have?

The absorption varies from model, from 30W to 150W

How much air do I have to load into the cannon?

During the charge you can see the pressur gauge pointer move, make sure the pointer is between 8-10kgf / cm3.

If I forgot to close the air compressor, can the machine’s storage tank explode?

Of course not, if there is too much air, the saftety valve will open and let out the air towards the outside.

If I can’t find the air compressor, what should I do?

You can also use commercial compressors, such as those used for cars, but it won’t be able to give you enough compression for a high-performance shot.

When I finish charging thesir air, can I disconnect the air hose and move the cannon to another place and shoot where I want?

Of course, the air valve of the machine is one-way, blocking the air when you disconnect the hose.

Which kind of confetti may I use?

I recommend using professional confetti (STRAPS) to learn more about confetti and straps CLICK HERE

If there is a machine that you want me to write a blog articol on just leave a comment.

I hope I’ve told you everything you need

Best regards!

  Denyse Stefanelli

   Export Manager

  Starlights Professional special effects made in Italy


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