CO2 Geyser Effect Machine

CO2 Pistol 3.0
Co2 energy trip
Co2 Bazooka Light Gun
CO2 Bazooka 1.0
CO2 Etna 2.0
Co2 Led Up WiFi DMX
Co2 Oracolus 2.0 WiFi DMX
Co2 Stromboli WiFi Dmx
Co2 Vesuvio
Co2 Hurrikan WiFi DMX


among the models produced to create a CO2 Geyser effects we find: PISTOL, LIGHT GUN, ETNA 2.0, LED UP, HURRIKAN, ORACOLUS, STROMBOLI and VESUVIO. Furthermore, among the CO2 geyser effects, are also available several gun models.


The artist / audience interconnection of music alone is no longer sufficient to create empathy between the parties. Here is where visual communication (which generates a new professional figure) and the increasingly massive use of special effects is needed.
CO2 PISTOL and Co2 BAZOOKA LIGHT GUN are among the most versatile equipment for direct use by the DJ but also by the animation team on stage.

ETNA 2.0

Etna 2.0 comes with a galvanized steel structure, ennobled by oven-fixed epoxy paint finishes making it “scratchproof”.
Available with external ON / OFF control (optional) or DMX 512 (optional).
Simple to install and use, it can be supplied with quick connections.
It does not need any maintenance.
Powered directly by the CO2 cylinder to which it is connected through special high-pressure pipes, the direction of the jet is adjustable and has an average range of about 10 to 12 meters.
An accessory that will add value to your already incredible Etna CO2 machine is the LED UP that will let you enter the digital era characterized by remote control thanks to the new on-board equipment: wireless DMX control and convenient touch panel interface. It is applied with plug & play couplings. 150W consumption.


from the consumption of 1400W and an energy of 220V or 24V and, on request, even of 110V, it is characterized by a structure composed of galvanized steel, ennobled by the finish, which forms a single body between metal, bottom and epoxy paint fixed in oven, making it in fact “scratch-proof”. Thanks to the use of no less than 5 adjustable, rectified and concentrated nozzles on a single base, it is possible to obtain an amazing 180 ° fan, in addition to the 3D relief effect provided by the central launch. It can also be suspended vertically, upside down or placed on the ground. Included are the accessories of base complete with 5 cannons and high pressure pipes with quick couplings.


QuadCore CO2 is composed of a robust structure, its dimensions are 150 x 200 x 210 mm and it has a weight of 20 kg. Entirely in galvanized steel, ennobled by the finish that forms a single body between metal, base and poxy coating, previously fixed in the oven, making it indestructible. Designed for very large rooms, it can also be used outdoors. In addition to being able to generate a huge icy “geyser effect” air cloud, it allows the device to orient itself and “shoot” at a considerable distance. It is equipped with nozzles developed for a large projection and range, it is designed for maximum performance. It can be suspended or placed on the ground (with the use of the special stabilizing base specially designed for the device). Furthermore, STROMBOLI QUADCORE CO2 can be customized on request with customized or airbrushed colors or with the logo requested by the customer. 500W consumption 220V direct or DMX control. Consumption 4 cylinders of carbon dioxide of 30 kg. It can reach a shooting distance of up to 18 20 meters.


it is only indicated for professional use and is made of galvanized steel of the structure, ennobled by the finish that forms a single body between metal, bottom and the epoxy paint fixed to the oven making it “scratch-resistant”. This model, designed with the use of nozzles for large projection and range, is designed to obtain excellent performance in terms of timeliness and maximization of coverage and just like a volcano, Vesuvius Co2, erupts an enormous amount of geyser effect and is particularly suitable for large and very large rooms. VESUVIO 4 × 4 CO2 can be made, on request, in versions with aluminum structure or customized in the color, airbrushed or with the logo and colors requested by the customer.


it is a very powerful machine, its dimensions are 70x80x97cm. Its consumption is 2000 W. and is equipped with Control WiFi DMX. Thanks to the performance of 8 valves it is among the most advanced and efficient machines.

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