Co2 confetti shooter cannons , how and where to use them.

Today let’s talk about the co2 confetti cannons, I’m going to tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of this machine.

Often these cannons are used in medium-large environments, we have seen them used during sports awards such as the Champions League 2018 , in these Events often the operator has a very short time to set up the shot of confetti that takes place between the end of the game and the beginning of the award, about 30 minutes available.
The co2 confetti  shooter cannon in addition to having a flight case on wheels, easy to carry, does not need power supply.

What does this machine need to work?

Most of the co2 confetti cannons to work require only a co2 tank, the professional models unlike, need a 220V power line to power the On/Off control that takes place via DMX-WiFi.

How is it used?

Once the Cannon is positioned, connect the high pressure tube from the Cannon to the co2 tank.
To activate the cannon, first open the valve of the co2 tank, when is time to shot, open the ball valve located on the tube next to the cannon.
To activate the professional cannon using a DMX WiFi controller, connect the high pressure tube from the cannon to the co2 tank and the dmx cable from the cannon’s DMX Box to the controller, once connected, the valve opens near the tank and the cannon is ready to fire, just raise the cursor of the assigned channel that will open the valve by releasing the co2, launching a shower of confetti.


What type of co2 tank should be used?

This type of confetti shooter machine uses non dip tube co2 tank.

Where can I find co2 tanks?

Co2 tanks are usually given on loan for use, I advise you to look for a gas supplier in your city or preferably some supplier in the area of the event.

If I forgot to close the valve on the co2 tank, what could happen?

If you leave the tank valve open for a long time, what can happen is that the tube freezes, the thing to do is close the valve of the tank and through the ball valve or the assigned dmx channel to fire the cannon to empty the co2 left in the pipe.

If I unhook the co2 pipe before I empty it, what happens?

If you unhook the hose using the quick connection before being emptied, the pressure left in the hose will block the ball of the connection, so you will find it difficult to fit it into the connection near the cannon, the solution is to take a metal object that can press the ball to let out the co2.

Which type of confetti can I use?

I reccomend using professional confetti, to leaern more click here, I’ll explain to you the major differences in the next article.

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